My 9 Favorite Writings of 2017: On Art, Travel & Values

The writing life is the only life for me. It’s a rare day when I don’t feel gratitude that I get paid to write. I regularly thank the Google gods for their algorithms that have taught the corner office to value good writing and invest in quality content. 2017 provided plenty of grist for theContinue reading “My 9 Favorite Writings of 2017: On Art, Travel & Values”

10 Takeaways from the Digital Summit

I have been lucky/smart enough to attend Philadelphia’s Digital Summit the past couple years. Like its inaugural year, his year’s conference delivered a lot of value for its money, with a day and a half of back-to-back 30-minute sessions covering everything from SEO to content marketing to social media to UX and design. It’s aContinue reading “10 Takeaways from the Digital Summit”