My 9 Favorite Writings of 2017: On Art, Travel & Values

The writing life is the only life for me. It’s a rare day when I don’t feel gratitude that I get paid to write. I regularly thank the Google gods for their algorithms that have taught the corner office to value good writing and invest in quality content.

2017 provided plenty of grist for the mill. Here are some of my favorite writings from the year, grouped into my three favorite themes, my specialties.



Basel Museum of Art: A survey of one of Switzerland’s great art museums, in the heart of its most important art city.
Paging Heshi Yu: A love letter to my new favorite artist, whom I discovered in 2017. See the painting above and you’ll understand why.
Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts: My homage to one of the city’s best museums, nestled into one of its prettiest buildings.



The Paradox of Glasgow: I’ve worked to capture Glasgow’s two sides: its sacred, historic past and its avante garde present.
The 6 Best Markets in Florence: Back to my home turf for this one, a handy shopping guide for foodies.
Vienna Uncovered in the LA Times: The only article on this list that I didn’t write is this gorgeous placement I got us in the LA Times! (My press release is here.)

Octavius Catto


Green Travel Guide: Here’s my quintessential guide to shrinking your eco footprint when traveling. I love when “sticky content” serves a greater good.
Octavius Catto Memorial: I was so excited to highlight our new statue, Philadelphia’s first memorial to a black hero.
Untours Foundation Gift Guide: My guide to soulful spending highlights cool products from B Corps and other progressive businesses.

I hope you enjoy the “content” as much as I enjoyed creating it. Thanks for reading! The more you click and read, the more I get to write!

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