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Catalog production

I produce an annual catalog with a print run of 230,000. I contract with a printer, collaborate with a designer, manage the project, and create and source all catalog content. Here is my latest effort:

2018 catalog    2017 catalog

Untours 2020 catalog
Untours 2019 catalog
Untours 2018 catalog
Untours 2017 catalog

Lead Magnets & Email Campaigns

People don’t just hand over their personal info. You’ve got to tempt them with valuable content and reward them for sharing their email address, so they will be happy to read your future email campaigns.

Whitepaper: Travel Tips

Welcome Campaign Emails:
1: A brief history of fun
2: Meet some fine people
3: Some smart cookies

Education Campaign Emails (top of funnel):
1: Thinking about Tuscany? Catch these 4 things most visitors miss
2: Considering Tuscany? 4 reasons to stay longer
3: Here’s what others say about Tuscany.


The Untour challenge: Our 40-year-old travel company has a very loyal client base; some have traveled with us since the 70s and 80s. At the same time, our clientele is shifting from the Greatest Generation to the Baby Boomers. Communication and the travel marketplace have changed radically and we must respond. At the same time, we do not want to alienate our longstanding clients and want to preserve the “mom-and-pop shop” feeling of our brand.

The rollout: New logo and website

Here is our rollout of our new logo. Our newsletter speaks to our core constituency and the blog post it links to explains the backstory and meaning of our new logo. Note the design of the newsletter itself has also changed.

Old logo and website

ulogoOld logo: Dated, drab, odd shape

Old website: Not responsive, too busy, no clear navigation path
(This interim version includes a version of the new logo for transition.)


New logo: Legible, playful, bright, happylogo

New website: (pending) Responsive, clear and simple navigation, clean design, photo carousel features both people and places